Smart Phone, this name comes from the reason that it is smarter compared with the Feature Phone, not necessarily means that the Smart Phone itself is "how smart": looked at it from another point of view, the so-called Smart Phone is a cell phone that can install and uninstall internet application program as your own will like a computer, which function does not belong to the Feature Phone until the appearance of JAVA, but its efficiency and the operation of the system resource is inferior to the Smart Phone due to its user-friendly operation.

Basic function

Say it from the broad sense, in addition to the basic function of cell phone; smart phone has the most functions of PDA, especially the personal information management and the wireless data communication browser, GPS, Email and so on. It provides users with enough size of the screen and bandwidth which is not only convenient to take, but also gives a big stage for running the software, so there starts with many value added service, like stock news, weather, communications, commodity, download of the application system, music, pictures and so on. With the support of 3G mobile communication network, smart mobile inevitably will become a powerful comprehensive personal terminal device combined with calls, SMS, Internet access, the entertainment all in one.


  1. Supports all the functions of the common cell phone, such as calling, receiving and send messages.
  2. Supports the wireless access to the internet
  3. With all the functions of PDA including PIM, schedule, task arrangement, multimedia application, browsing website.
  4. It has an open operation system, on which you can install more application program so that you can get the infinite extension of the smart phone function.
  5. Personalization - you can expand the function as you need.
  6. Powerful function, strong ability in extension, more supports of the third-party software.