iPhone 5 is the fifth generation of iPhone, which is also known as iPhone 5G. It is a smartphone developed by Apple. The latest iPhone 5 has made iPhone hobbyists crazy with its new features, such as the 4.0-inch screen, iOS5 operating system, 8-mega pixel camera, stronger signals, longer stand-by time, etc. Moreover, it provides super-fast wireless Internet and a dual-core GPU which can easily deal with 1080P HD videos. For iPhone 5 owners, this brand-new cell phone is not only a mobile phone, it is also a wonderful media device, which is an ideal choice to play and watch DVD movies.

iPhone 5 has many developments and improvements compared with iPhone 4, but it still has some limitations. iPhone 5, as a cell phone without a DVD drive, cannot play DVDs directly. In consideration of this fact, you need to transfer DVD to iPhone 5 and then you can play and watch DVD movies on it. Another limit of iPhone 5 is that it can only support the video formats such as MP4/3GP/AVC/AVI, and audio formats such as MP3/AAC/AAC+/AMR/WMA/WAV, which means it cannot support DVD video formats. So if you want to play and watch DVDs on iPhone 5, you need a DVD converter, which will help you to convert the DVD to iPhone 5 compatible video and audio formats.

But when searching for the DVD to iPhone 5 converter on the Internet, you will get a lot of information, which may make you puzzled. There are so many DVD converters on the Internet that it is difficult to find the best one or the right one for you among them. Here are some introductions to DVD converters which may help you to choose the right one. Take Open DVD ripper for example.

Firstly, as a DVD converter, it should have the ability to convert DVD to the video and audio formats compatible with your media device with high output quality. Open DVD ripper as a magical and practical DVD converter can convert DVD to almost all the frequently-used video and audio formats, which are compatible with almost all the media devices currently in fashion, even the latest iPhone 5. It also makes the converted files have the same quality as the original files. That means Open DVD ripper allows you to convert DVD to iPhone 5 with high output quality.

Secondly is the conversion speed. A good DVD converter must have a high conversion speed, and it's no worth spending a long time in ripping a DVD to iPhone 5. With the development of the multimedia technology, Open DVD ripper achieves much higher speed than other DVD rippers through the optimized encoding speed.

Besides, a good DVD converter should have some other functions. Just converting DVD to iPhone 5 is not enough, which cannot meet your actual need. Open DVD ripper is equipped with wizard functions, with which you can do some operation on the movie you want, such as saving your preferred clips, removing the unnecessary borders and adding image or text watermarks into it. What's more, it allows you to make some adjustments of the movie during the process of ripping DVD to iPhone 5, such as the brightness, contrast, saturation, vertical flip, horizontal flip, and the background like gray, aged film.

Then, the safety is another important point for a DVD converter. Open DVD ripper is safe software without spyware and adware, with which you needn't worry about the safety of your PC.

From the above points, we have learned how to distinguish if a DVD converter is fit for you, and Open DVD ripper is a good assistant to help you to convert DVD to iPhone 5 safely. It is a magical and smart tool to rip DVD to iPhone 5 with high output quality, and it's the best choice for you to rip DVD to iPhone 5. With this magical DVD converter, you can enjoy more wonderful movies with iPhone 5 and you can experience an excellent iPhone 5 you have never seen before.