Apple TV brings telecommunication industry into a new era. The appearance of Apple TV subverts people's perception of standard TV. You don't need to aimlessly change channel with a remote control and have no idea what to see. Apple TV is a powerful player and solution which is connected with the Internet to play movies, music, MTV, photos and other media files. Since there is Internet, you can search your desired movies or music whenever you like. The latest version of Apple TV is only about $229 and has hard disk space of 160 GB. Apple TV provides you a large selection of HD movies and with theater-like Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound for you to enjoy. You can order, rent HD movies in the App store or iTunes Store and the rental price is very low, about $3.99 for a month. Without going to a real store to buy discs, you can order movies or music online with reasonable price and enjoy at once. If you ordered movies from iTunes, you can not only watch the main movie but also can watch interviews and trailers, view photos, etc.

Apple TV with distinctive functions attracted many consumers. The main features include recording live TV programs in addition to watching or pausing them just like standard TVs, listening digital radio online and create photo slideshow and display them on the big screen. If you have photos or video in your camera, you can transfer them into your Apple TV and play them thus you appear on TV just like stars. The Apple TV has input and output functions. Connect your device such as iPod, iPhone to your Apple TV, and then your favorite programs can be transferred to your devices from Apple TV. Otherwise, if you want to keep your precious media files for preservation, you can just connect your device to Apple TV and then transfer your files to Apple TV. The consumers must buy a component video/stereo or HDMI cable for connecting to devices because Apple TV doesn't come with this kind of cable. The big screen and high quality picture bring you the theater feeling without need to go there. If you want to find your preferred programs, you can make shortcut on the screen just like computer and thus you will find it faster next time.

Apple TV is the beginning of next generation TV and will consummate little by little as the electronics technology advances.