PPC is the abbreviation of Pocket PC, which is a kind of PDA/palm computer based on the Microsoft's Windows Mobile operating system.

Pocket PC is a kind of hand-hold equipment, which may help you to save and retrieve the Email, the contact person and the meet information, also for some entertainment such as playing the multimedia files, enjoying the computer game, exchanging text news with the aid of MSN´╝îbrowsing the Web site ...... You will be able to realize the exchange of information and the synchronization with desktop computer.

Pocket PC is also called potable computer, it is a kind of high-end PDA product which obtains substantial support of most IT manufacturers, it uses WinCE series system, developed by Microsoft, equipped with the entire color liquid crystal screen, touch screen and so on. PPC's arising at the historic moment has greatly substituted PDA and will surely become the main trend of the world.

There are so many famous factories of making Pocket PC such as HP, Dell and so on.

We must mention the Smart Phone, when it comes to PPC. The main difference between PPC and Smart Phone is operating system, Earliest Windows Mobile operating system of Pocket PC 1.0, an operating system that is not very successful at that time, but PPC acquires fame from this period. The ensuing Pocket PC 2002, Windows Mobile 2003, Windows Mobile 2003 SE are all very successful operating system. Now the newest Pocket PC series operating system is Windows Mobile 7.0.

Compares with PDA, which uses other operating system, the superiority of PPC's lies in:

  1. user-friendly interface and a better usability (similar with the Windows operating system of PC version)
  2. extremely good compatibility with the PC platform
  3. More widespread support of software and hardware expansion