iPod is a portable multimedia player which is introduced by Apple in 2001. iPod is used to store music and video. The search function of iPod enables you to locate a song to iPod hard drive. You can play video, music video and TV shows on your iPod through iTunes built with every iPod. Besides, some iPods can function as camera, external hard drive, calendar game machine. If you want to buy a car, the iPod can be integrated into the sound system.

Until now, iPod line generally consists of iPod Shuffle, iPod Classic, iPod Nano and iPod Touch. iPod Shuffle is the first designed in iPod family to use flash memory. It is the world's smallest music player which has almost the storage of 2GB to 4GB, almost for 1,000 songs. iPod Classic with the most storage of 160GB in iPod family can store up to 40000 songs or 200 hours video. It is available in two colors of white and gray. It has a colored LCD screen featuring aluminum and polished stainless steel surface. iPod Nano is a superslim media player with the most colors available. It has two capacities of 8GB and 16GB. Now the latest version of iPod Nano has been added the tools of video camera, FM radio, voice recorder and pedometer. iPod Touch supports a touch-screen with two capacities of 8GB or 16GB. The most distinctive feature of iPod Touch is its powerful multi-touch screen technology as iPhone. Due to its powerful functions and screen, it is the most expensive of the four models.

Although iPod is a product by Apple, it works with both Mac and Windows systems. With small size (less than 3 centimeters) and less weight (less than 340 grams), elegant surface and powerful functions, it is a best seller in the United States. In spite of short battery life and difficult repair, lots of people still love to buy it and related Apple products.