PSP is abbreviated for PlayStation Portable, which is a multimedia device developed by Sony in 2005. Notably famous for its game function, PSP has become a desirable and popular wireless gadget. It is a more powerful version of PlayStation. There are two PSP systems, which are PSP go system and PSP 3000 system. The PSP go system is the most portable full-featured gaming machine while the PSP 3000 system is still the best in mobile gaming. The PSP go system has a two-facet moving surface, which is convenient to watch movies and play games. The two PSP systems both have LCD screen and direction button for you to play games more easily. PSP systems are super-portable mini entertainment machines. You can play games single or you can play multi-player games with excellent game players all over the world. The PSP system is equipped with Wi-Fi to connect with other players wirelessly. PSP users can download games through the PlayStation website.

PSP is not just a game machine, and it has many other entertainment functions. You can also watch movies, TVs, connect Internet, streaming video and music and keep contact with your friends though Skype. After tiresome games, watching a movie, listening to the music, searching on the Internet or sending a message to your friends are all good choices. PSP is a good partner when you are on a bus, train or subway. PSP comes with built-in stereo speakers and a headset connector. PSP is equipped with lithium-ion battery and AC adaptor. Similar to iPad and iPhone, PSP is has a PlayStation, in which there are hundreds of games and movies and TV shows for you to download. There are many game demos for you to play freely. What's more, there are many constantly updated themes and wallpapers for you to customize your PSP player. For those who are game enthusiasts, it is a rather good idea to get one PSP.