PMP is short for PSP Media Player. It is a kind of video & audio PSP format invested by a European PSP player. It is said that the purpose of PMP is to modify a video files of AVI format in order to play it in the PSP; it is named with the suffixes of PMP. The finished file size is very large (generally around 1G), but the definition is very high.


Now what we refer to PMP is mainly divided into two kinds, namely PMP and PMP-AVC

1. PMP (extension: PMP) - -  by means of installing the video format and encode mode of Divx, Xvid which third party software supports, the resolution usually is 480×272. PSP needs to watch it through PMP, MOD or some special player like PPA.

2. PMP-AVC (extension: PMP) (mainstream) - - through the installment of the third party software which supports the video format and the video frequency code of x264. It has the merit of low code rate and high quality, PSP has the hardware to decode H.264, and the PMP-AVC player is more power-saving.


1. It is equal to the variation of AVI. Perfect picture quality, resolution of 480*272,
2. It can use DIVX and XVID, the conversion rate is quicker than MP4 and AVC, Which benefits from the formidable potency of Mencoder
3. Maybe quicker than any MP4, AVC conversion, including conversion from PMC to MP4! Certainly, you may achieve the acme effect with the vdm+ official encoder.
4. Extremely convenient with each kind of format transformation, the video /audio code rate is quite flexible.


1. It can only be used on 1.50 PSP or below
2. Because of 333 MHz, it consumes a little more electricity than AVC/MP4; probably 10-15%.generally speaking a 2-hour movie consumes probably 40% electricity
3. AVI and PMP are the same at large (the nature of the picture slightly exceeds PMP), but taken as a general format, it is stronger in popularization.