iPad is a newly developed portable media device with very thin surface and 1.5 pounds weight. Its surface is enfolded with a multi-touch LED display which is surrounded by a smooth black bezel. Before the name "iPad" was created, it has once used the names of the Apple Tablet, the Slate, Canvas and some other names. Due to its smartness and convenience, since released in April 2010, Apple Inc. has got big sales and made huge profits. It is similar to a laptop but not completely a laptop but between it and a multimedia player. To some extent, it can be used as a mini laptop which you can take anywhere you are. iPad is the first tablet computer from Apple Inc. Its specifications include 16GB and 32GB. iPad interface include such functions as Safari, Mail, Photos, Video, YouTube, iPod, iTunes, App Store, iBooks, Maps, Notes, Calendar, Contacts, Home Screen, Spotlight Search, etc. Seen from above, iPad is more like a concept product mixing many other media devices.

As for the running operating system, iPad runs a special version of iPhone operating system. With App Store and iTunes Store built in it, you can browse the two stores online and find the music, movies video or other materials and download them directly through paying some money. Besides, you can watch video for free through YouTube, which allows you to browse videos or even comments on the video you are watching. With the iPad you can enjoy playing the most graphically intensive games and the photo app renders you high-definition visual feast, and allows you to handle rotation and zoom with no resistance or hesitation. Loaded with so many applications, the battery usually can last 10 hours video or gaming playback. iPad is a revolutionary product in computing and function as a mini portable laptop, although not comparable with a laptop to some extent. In the future, as the technology advances, iPad will come closer to the complete computing machine.