BlackBerry is a kind of smartphone devices designed and developed by Research In Motion Ltd. (RIM) in Canada. It has built-in mobile E-mail terminal system with features of supporting Push Mail, mobile phone, text messaging, the Internet fax, web browsing and other wireless consulting services. In terms of technology, BlackBerry mobile E-mail terminal is a kind of mobile E-mail system which adopts two-way paging mode, and compatible with the existing wireless data link. It should be mentioned that the synchronization of BlackBerry and Desktop PC is excellent, for it can automatically forward your Outlook mails to BlackBerry. Customers will visit the existing enterprise applications and the stock, products and pricing data whenever and wherever possible in order to make sales and business settlement faster.

BlackBerry is a portable wireless communication device, which is used to browse the web, send and receive instant messages and manage personal digital materials. There are many other functions, such as sending and receiving Emails, playing games, recording digital videos, playing back multimedia files, etc. The patent of Messenger service on BlackBerry has been successful and famous for instant messaging characteristics. Under on-device message encryption which has been proved perfectly safe, BlackBerry wins a lot of trust and high reputation.

BlackBerry occupies 3% of mobile device sales all over the world in 2011. On this occasion, RIM becomes the sixth most famous device manufacturer (Smartphones take up one fourth of the mobile equipment sales).

So far, there are 91 countries all over the world adopting the customer BlackBerry Internet Service on more than 500 mobile service proprietors taking advantage of various mobile technologies.

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