The prospect of DVD Rip

For Hollywood and traditional DVD industry, the popularity of DVD Rip is no doubt tremendous. People can never forget the damage that MP3 brought to the recording industry. However, as the evolution of technology and the acceleration of network, the internet finally defeated traditional audio and video industry, presenting movies in front of us as another free resource with DVD Rip. At present, the communication of DVD Rip in the campus is vigorously growing. With the favorable condition of campus area network, students are able to download various DVD Rip movies that they like from the school's FTP site. This undoubtedly let Hollywood lose off a considerable amount of their main consumers. Not long ago, Hollywood has formally appeal to all American colleges and universities requiring restrictions on download and communication of DVD Rip in the campus. But once a free resource is established, the impact of it on the internet will be long-term, like the difficulty in sustaining of chargeable mailbox and the continuous popularity of MP3. DVD Rip has obviously spoilt many net citizens. Numerous download web sites of DVD Rip emerge currently. It has become a favorite free resource that many broadband network users pursue.

DVD Rip represents network technology of its excellence, but on the other hand its cruelness. In the face of our original entertainment system with charge, technology enthusiasts on the internet seem to be advocating: we do not need record stores, do not require satellite TVs, and do not want cinemas or DVDs…One broadband access and everything is free! This is likely to be another revolution of the network that DVD Rip brings about. If so, the free meals on the internet is in a sense like a tumor of the media, and will eventually achieve magnificent change to this industry. With the rapid development of network technology, we have to prepare ourselves to embrace the storm that DVD Rip is going to bring about.