The influence of DVD Rip

A storm has begun since Microsoft developed MPEG-4CODEC, an encoding and decoding platform for Windows Media in 1999. A 27-year-old French movie enthusiast and a hacker named Jerome Rota collaborated to develop a new video encoding and decoding platform based on MPEG-4, and at the same time open the download on the internet. This is the now the well-known DivX. DivX is a lossy compression technology with high compressing ratio. It is used to compress a DVD with the capacity of up to 5-10 GB, maintaining the same resolution ratio and AC3 track. It only needs 1 or 2 pieces of CDROM, with the compression ratio close to 10: 1. In the meantime, the compressed movie still has very high quality. Making DVD Rip movies on this basis is very simple. As long as we use the appropriate software, we can turn a DVD movie into DVD Rip file based on the format of DivX. As convenient as it is, DVD Rip becomes widely spread on the internet.

From a poor man's point of view, the Internet is a place in the world that advocates charity and benefaction the most. E-mails let us save the cost of mobile phones and letter stamps. Information constructed by web sites no matter big or small all over the world spares us to buy a lot of newspapers and magazines. And the emergence of MP3 trails off our enthusiastic pursuit for music records. Perhaps we should feel much contented about what we have taken from the internet. However, the greed of human being is endless. We are looking forward to more free meals from the internet. Luckily, the internet does not let us down, and free resource from the internet is becoming more and more abundant. This time we hear Hollywood said: "The joke is getting bigger now! We are going down!" This is talking about DVD Rip. In accordance with the regular rules of personal computer, it turns blockbusters in the cinema into movie files on our own hard drives.