Supports subtitles

Subtitles exit in almost all videos no matter it is a movie or TV series nowadays. It is originally designed to provide help for the deaf or those with hearing problems. Along with the spread of art internationally, especially with the fast exchange of the internet, people no longer only enjoy videos from their domestic countries. Subtitles are then provided with foreign languages for viewers to enjoy the videos with languages they don't understand. Among which, the latter application is more frequently adopted for video exchange in recent years. As a result, subtitles have become a basic necessity of video files in the modern world.

In common with DVD, DVD Rip is able to support subtitles as well. The subtitles of DVD Rip can be divided into internal subtitle and external subtitle. Internal subtitle refers to the built-in subtitle that is embedded within the video file. It plays automatically and synchronously along with the video, and can not be selected, changed or removed. External subtitle is one or several subtitle files separated from the video file. Of the two, external subtitle is the more practical one.

Most DVD Rip movies or TV series with .avi as the extension are released with external subtitles on the internet nowadays. Although it is a little bit complicated to run, it is adopted by most DVD Rip files given its feature of flexibility. Selectivity is one of the conveniences provided by external subtitles of DVD Rip. Viewers can choose the subtitles with different languages or effect as long as such subtitles are offered. The more popular and frequently seen subtitle files are SRT, SSA, SMI and SUB, in which the first three are textual files while the last one is stored as image. Subtitles with textual files can be easily edited and rewritten, which is considered the most practical function provided by the external subtitles of DVD Rip. Most external subtitles of DVD Rip should be manually operated by the viewer. However, they can also be played automatically and synchronously with the video, as long as the video and subtitle files are put in the same folder and named identically except the extension.