Protects important files

DVD is valuable for movie watching because of its high video and audio quality and a lot of instructional functions such as navigating menu and selectable subtitles. However, for movie enthusiasts who prefer to store the movies they like, DVD Rip seems to be more practical. Although DVD Rip has lost some functions of DVD discs in the process of compressing DVD files, the image and sound quality is still high with considerable space saved. Space saving means that more files can be stored. This contributes a lot for protecting important files. Take American TV series as an example. American TV series are broadcasted in seasons with each season about 24 episodes. Each episode is about 40 minutes long. And a successful TV series always lasts as long as six to ten seasons. For a fan of such a TV series who wants to save the video files of the whole seasons, DVD Rip shows great advantage here over DVD disc.

Another short coming of DVD disc is really obvious that it is easily damaged. DVD discs as well as all media storage containers with disc as the containing form all have this disadvantage. The disc is easy to get scrapes and a lot of other accidental damages. These damages are inevitable and will directly affect the quality of the files on the disc. DVD Rip, on the other hand, does not have such problems in protecting important files. So if there are important files that you want to protect in a DVD disc, you can simply turn the files into DVD Rip with a DVD ripper. And the ripped files can be stored in a computer or whatever media container. This maximally reduces the risk of the files from being damaged. The files will be safe and sound as long as there is no harsh destruction of the container.