Making DVD collection compatible with various media devices


The files on DVD discs are only able to be played on a DVD machine or computers with DVD-ROM device. This limitation is a great short coming of DVD. Movies and TV series take a huge part in people's entertaining pastime nowadays. The limitation of DVD restrains people from enjoying this amusement freely. Thanks to DVD ripper, the problem seems to go away. DVD ripper can rip files on DVD discs and converts them into various formats. This makes it possible for people to play DVD files on different devices with almost all kinds of media players.

Portability is advocated more and more by manufacturers with the popularity of an increasing amount of portable media devices. A large variety of digital products are promoted to allow people to enjoy the movies and TV series they like anytime as they want. For example, the prevalence of iTouch and iPad all mainly owe to the convenience provided by their portability. In the meantime, DVD ripper follows this trend, developing with more supported formats not only playable on computers, but also for all kinds of high-tech portable media devices. DVD ripper makes it easy for users to enjoy their DVD collection on almost all the popular media devices, such as iPod, iPhone, iPad, AppleTV, PSP, PS3, XBOX360, Zune, Mobile Phone, GPhone, Smart Phone, PMP, Pocket PC, PDA, BlackBerry, iRiver, Windows Mobile phone, etc and various other mobile phones.

This function of DVD ripper integrates into the latest trend of the modern society. People who always equipped themselves with digital products according to the latest fashion give much credit to it. Movie-goers who always pay close attention to the newest movies and fans of TV series that follows the update of their favorite shows every week are satisfied with this as well. With DVD ripper, watching videos is no longer fixed in front of the DVD machine or an immobilized computer.