High quality

Under typical condition, after encoding and compressing with MPEG4, files of one DVD-5 disc are able to be stored in at most two CDROM discs of DVD Rip. People can get the audio-visual enjoyment which is closest to DVD at minimum cost. Here is a most commonly used format needs to be mentioned. That is AVI.

AVI is a very common format that is often seen for movie communication on the internet. As we already know, DVD Rip is obtained by merging the compressed video and audio part into one .avi file, and adding external subtitle files to it. AVI used to be a very old media format on Windows platform. Nowadays, however, it is no longer what it was before. As a container of multimedia format files, AVI is becoming a brand new format today. AVI allows using a variety of video formats encoded with Xvid, Divx, and VP6, and various audio formats encoded with MP3 or AC3. Therefore, AVI is now a hodgepodge of multimedia format because of DVD Rip.

AVI is as frequently used as RMVB but with much better image and sound quality. As a matter of fact, AVI is the representative of DVD Rip. Whether it is from image or sound perspective, DVD Rip is well qualified and can be compared with the files of the original DVD. Basically there is not much loss of the effect. The splendid screen image and the surround sound of DVD Rip are both very much in maintenance with the original DVD quality. The slight difference is indistinguishable judged by the eyes and ears of ordinary people. Only professionals and expert enthusiasts can tell the distinction of quality between the two. Thus DVD Rip is preferred by a lot of net citizens to gain the audio-visual enjoyment closest to DVD files.