Ease of transfer and storage

The core technology of DVD ripper can be divided into three sections: use Mpeg4 for video compression, use MP3 or AC3 for audio compression, and combine with subtitle playing software to add external subtitles. We just need to install relevant software and obtain DVD Rip file and relevant subtitles from the internet so we are able to play videos with DVD effect in succession on our hard drive. The requirement of machines to play this coding is not high. As long as with CPU over 300 MHz, internal memory of 64MB, and video memory of 8MB, the video is able to play smoothly.

We all know that DVD is now a very outstanding media format with MPEG2 encoding video, and AC3 and DTS encoding audio track. But we also know the carrier of DVD is a DVD disc. Only a D5 disk is as big as 4.7GB. Obviously, there is no actual value to directly exchange DVD files on the internet. To package such files and upload to the server consumes the hard disk of the server and a large amount of network bandwidth. As a result, few people are able to download a 7 to 8 GB file from the internet without hesitation just to watch a two-hour movie, let alone to store it on the hard disc.

Here comes to the point which requires ripping, to split out videos, audios and subtitles from DVD files and then through compression or other processing, to recombine to multimedia files. People are able to have audio-visual enjoyment of DVD standard with smaller file size of DVD Rip. If we want the quality of image and sound to be good with a rather small file size, just rip DVD to DVD Rip. In this way, a large amount of space can be saved.

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