Comparison of the ripping speed among different DVD rippers


In the modern world, a lot of high-tech products make people's life more substantial and colorful. In the meantime, however, the high competition from work and society gives people a lot of pressure as well. There seems to be so much more to do than before within the same time. As a result, people not only emphasize on the quality of their life, but also pay more attention to fast pace and high efficiency. DVD ripper gives people the option to enjoy their favorite movies and TV series with high quality at their leisure time. Yet the ripping speed is still a problem.

Ripping and converting a movie from a DVD disc with an average length used to take as long as one day. Although DVD Rip offers great advantages over other video formats. The ripping efficiency is surely a problem to hinder people from choosing it. For this reason, both users and producers of DVD ripper expect a solution to it and try to seek an approach to speed up the ripping efficiency. Before long, programmers of DVD ripper managed to shorten the ripping process to a certain extent. Now it takes shorter ripping span to rip and convert an average length movie with an ordinary DVD ripper. However, although the situation has been relatively improved, it is still time consuming.

Open DVD ripper performs outstandingly in solving this problem. With the eminent intelligence and persistent effort, our programmers have successfully managed to accelerate the decoding speed and shorten the process of ripping and converting greatly. With Open DVD ripper, ripping and converting a normal length movie cost much shorter time span than other DVD rippers. Thanks to our advanced technology and mature programming, Open DVD ripper is able to take the lead and outshine other DVD rippers. The high ripping speed of Open DVD ripper offers the users great efficiency and convenience, making it a best choice for users to enjoy DVD Rip videos.